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Our Story.

Link Systems is an independent audio/video & automation company started in 2007. We design, install, and provide long-term support of your A/V & automation technology needs. We are experts at simplifying complicated technology and we've spent the past 10+ years refining our craft. We are made up of dedicated professionals with years of experience in the audio/video & automation industry and our growing long-term client list attests to our dedication in meeting our clients needs. 


What We Believe.

We believe in designing and installing A/V & automation technology better than anyone else in Sacramento.

We believe people want one person/company they can trust and rely on for their technology needs.

We believe people crave packaged designs that simplify technology and choices. 

We believe people are still willing to pay for excellent service.

We believe clients don’t want 1,000 choices but would rather have 1 trusted opinion.

We believe if we are going to do it, we do it right.

We believe great employees make a great company.

We believe in quality tools, equipment, and training.

We believe processes and organization make a great customer experience.

Hi, my name is Brian and I’m the owner of Link Systems. I wrote down the above statement ten years ago when I started Link Systems and set out to make these beliefs a reality. I look back seven years later and I’m very proud of the company we have created. We still have areas of improvement but at the center of Link Systems resides these original beliefs and they still dictate the decisions we make on a daily basis. I hope to earn your business and start a long relationship together with Link Systems as your custom integrator. 

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