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Tech Savvy River Home

This 2nd home on the Rogue River boasts nearly every home automation technology possible but you'd never know it at first glance. All the home automation, Audio/Video, and technology has been skillfully hidden and integrated into the design of the home to preserve its traditional craftsman architecture. Oil rubbed bronze lighting control keypads minimize the clutter on the walls - though the home actually has over 100+ lighting circuits packed into its 3500sf. In-ceiling speakers were painted to match the ceiling plaster and wood finishes. In several places throughout the home, racks of AV and automation equipment are hidden behind cabinets and provide high definition audio and video to 15 areas of the home. 

The owner of the home even has a camera overlooking the river at the back of the house so he can check the weather to spot openings in the clouds in which he can descend through to land at the nearby town airport. 

The entire home is protected by multiple layers of security and surveillance and the automation system even turns off the water to the home to prevent pipe leaks when the home is unoccupied. 

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