Lutron Homeworks and RA2

Lutron is the leader in lighting control and Link Systems is proud to be one of the few Lutron Homeworks QS and shade providers in the Sacramento area. 

Lutron RA2

Lutron RA2 uses an exclusive wireless frequency for all its products. That means no interference issues like Zigbee or Z-wave lighting. It is also easily expandable to other areas of your home by simply changing out standard switches with new Lutron RA2 wireless dimmers. Lutron RA2 is great for smaller systems or when retrofitting existing wiring. 


Lutron Homeworks QS 

Lutron Homeworks QS is a whole-house lighting system primarily used in new construction or retrofits where new wiring is being installed. Lutron’s flagship line, Homeworks boasts an intelligent central processor that adjust the way lights function in your home, such as gently dimming bathroom lights when entering late at night.

Pair with Home Automation

When part of a Savant home automation system, Lutron can brighten the lights when arriving home at night, flash exterior lights when your alarm is tripped, or dim the lights when a movie is started in the family room. 

Lighting Scenes

With standard switches, lights are either on or off. With Lutron dimming, lighting scenes like “welcome”, “night light”, and “entertain” can adjust the lights in multiple rooms to preset dimmed levels. Lutron allows you to experience your home’s environment in an entirely new way. 

Clean Up Wall Acne

Large banks of switches are ugly and keep you guessing on which switch to press. Lutron keypads consolidate those switches and the engraved backlit buttons make it easy to select the correct light every time.

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