One App Solution

Savant Pro lets you manage your home from one sophisticated, easy to use app. Change the lighting, select your favorite music to play, or adjust the temperature all at the touch of a button from your smart device. Not to be confused with the do-it-yourself devices, Savant Pro is a powerful and reliable home automation system capable of managing all the technology in even the largest homes. 



Scene Capture

Have your home just the way you like it? With Savant you can capture a scene to easily recall it later. Savant gives you the convenience to set the perfect home environment for every occasion.


Savant On the Go

With Savant you never have to be worried about what’s going on in your home while you are away. Get notifications when an alarm is triggered or see if you left the garage door open no matter where life takes you. 


Universal Control

The Savant Pro Remote allows you to get ride of the coffee table full of remotes. With it’s sleek design, the Pro Remote give one solution for controlling all aspects of your home from your favorite seat. 

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