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Creative, well-designed interior lighting accentuates your entire living space and adds an unprecidented level of convenience and security to your home. Late-night movies, exterior lighting, and social gatherings are all greatly enhanced with a well-planned lighting system. Cluttered banks of light switches are replaced with sleek lighting keypads. Lighting scene buttons adjust all the lights in a room or the entire house with 1 button press. Just touch a conveniently located keypad and let technology do the rest.

Seeing is believing with a new home lighting system

home lighting custom keypad and interface designs

Lutron is the leader in lighting control and Link Systems is proud to be one of the few Lutron Homeworks QS and shade certified dealers in the Sacramento area. Browse to our products page to learn more about the Lutron and why it's the best.

Digital Home

Seamlessly integrate multiple home systems with your custom lighting controls. Instantly illuminate your home whenever the alarm is triggered or activate your lights, pool, HVAC, and home audio system at the touch of a button.


Lighting control is more than keypads. Intelligent systems automatically adjust the level of brightness as the sun goes down, when you leave the room, or when you enter the bathroom at night. Pathway lights guide you through hallways at night and window coverings open automatically at sunrise to welcome the new day.


Scenes adjust numerous lights to desired levels with ease. One of the most popular scenes, "All Off", simultaneously turns out all the lights at the push of a button.

Energy Efficient

Dimming lights by just 10% saves energy and doubles lamp life. Even if you forget to turn off your lights, lighting control can do it for you automatically.


Using either a keypad or touchscreen, you can create the perfect backdrop for a holiday dinner with family or a romantic dinner for two. Manage and control your atmosphere with lighting control.

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