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We design and install state-of-the art home theater systems for every budget. We offer packages from small flatscreens all the way up to dedicated projection theater rooms. All of our packages include incredibly simple to operate remotes and expert installation by our skilled installers. Let us show you the way movies were meant to be experienced.

Widescreen home theater system installation

Simple Remotes

All our home theaters come with remotes that keep it simple. Complex tasks such as playing a Blu-ray used to take three remotes; now it takes one button.

Ultra-Wide Projection Screens

Our ultra-wide projection screens are wider and more immersive than traditional screens. They display an 80% larger image than the traditional 16:9 projection screen. Black material screens allow projection home theater in rooms with windows and lights. 

Hidden Equipment

Keep your room uncluttered by hiding all your equipment out of sight in a cabinet or nearby closet. Our remote controls will work through walls and control everything perfectly. Equipment racks ensure everything stays organized, cool, and all wiring is secure and reliable. All that's left is a thin TV on the wall or ultra-wide projection screen. 

THX Certified Technicians

Properly designed and installed digital surround sound ensures that you always experience movies the way the director intended. Link Systems' installers are certified by Lucasfilm's THX to guarantee that your home theater is optimized for the best experience possible.

Problem Solvers

Link Systems is a custom integrator which means we have the skills and experience to deal with "unique" and difficult installations. Give us a call and put us to the challenge. 

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