After 14 successful years in business, we are ending operations in CA on August 1st, 2021 and moving out of state. This decision is not based on a lack of success but rather new young children, grandparents who have moved out of state and the political and business climate in CA. We thank all of our previous clients, some of which have been with us for all 14 years of business. 

Previous Clients:

If you are a previous client, you can email and we will send you a copy of any records, drawings, files, configurations, settings, etc we have on your system. We also can refer you to a local Sacramento integrator we are recommending to our previous clients. This integrator is working with us to make the transition as smooth as possible and they've commited to taking care of our previous clients. (Note, we will only be checking this email address 1-2 times a week so be patient on a response). 

Alarm Accounts:

For our alarm monitoring clients, NOTHING has changed at the moment. Your homes and businesses are still being monitored by the national central station we contract with. By early 2022 you can expect to receive a letter outlining the transfer of your monitoring account to another local integrator who will take over billing and service. We want to ensure you are left in good hands. Your price will be honored and we feel confident you will enjoy working with this new integrator.