Stop adjusting lights individually to get the perfect ambience for your space. Upgrade to a lighting control system instead. With one button press you can set a "scene" to adjust dozens of lighting loads at once to exact predefined dimming levels. Set up custom timing events or daylight sensing to always have the right amount of light no matter the time of day or weather outside. Choose to integrate your lights with other systems like shades, A/V, and temperature control for a total environment solution. Find out what other amazing features a lighting system can provide you today. 


Need some quick privacy or to dim the room for a presentation? With motorized shades from Lutron, just one button press can control any number of shades. Easily retrofit them into your existing space with wireless or battery operated solutions. Or design them to disappear in to the ceiling when not in use. Contact Link today to see how we can bring you the best in reliable shading solutions. 


When you pair a Lutron lighting control system with Lutron high efficiency fixtures, ballasts, and drivers, you get unparalleled results.  Choose between a number of shapes and sizes for recessed lighting, and get amazing dimming capability with LED drivers. Lutron features 1% dimming, 10 year warranties, and field replaceable modules for easy access. See how Lutron fixture solutions can bring better performance to your lighting system today.